Supple Rockers Website Gets a Facelift

This has been a very exciting week for us here at Supple Rockers as we launch our new website and bring you more ways to connect with us on social media. Our previous website was beginning to feel outdated and we were looking for site a modern twist themed around a traditional game. The timing coincides with the growth of our business as we have been getting more and more requests to bring our Supple Rockers into homes all across America. Continue to check back on this news page as we bring you more exciting news from around the horn.

The compliments and support we have received has meant so much to our family as we take great pride in our custom rocking chairs. We love all the stories we hear about who the rocking chair is being ordered for. Some of you have ordered one for yourselves, while others have had a special someone in their lives such as a baseball coach, proud parent, or anyone who enjoys the game of baseball. Thank you for visiting our site and please share it with your friends and family so we can continue to bring a “Supple Rocker” into your home or business.

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Friday, September 20, 2013